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A Guide to Female Body Builders

A Guide to Female Body Builders


The Female Body builder

Female bodybuilding is a great sport, and something that every woman should be interested in. Not only will you lose weight and get in great shape but you will gain self esteem and self confidence, and you can even start competing with other female body builders in competitions and actually win money and other prizes.

If this sounds like something that you would be interested in we have the best guide to female bodybuilding there is. Here is some important information that you will want to be aware of.

Female Body building: Getting Started

Before you get too eager to get started in female bodybuilding, you need to realize just how much time and determination this sport is going to require of you. You cannot be lazy and expect to be successful in bodybuilding, because it is just not possible. Instead you are going to need to make some serious life changes and be willing to dedicate your life to this new activity.

Exercise and Diet

Now if you want to become a female bodybuilder, the next step is going to be for you to create a female bodybuilding workout and diet regime for yourself. This is important, because if you are not eating the right things and getting enough exercise, you are not going to have the physique and stamina that you need to make it in the bodybuilding world.

For female bodybuilding, you are going to be spending a lot of time working out. You will want to be working out at least an hour five days a week, so that you can burn fat and gain lean muscle mass. When you look at bodybuilders, you can plainly see that they have a very low percentage of body fat, and this is because of the workouts that they do.

Female body builders: Amateur Championships 2008

Weight training is one of the most popular workouts among bodybuilders, because it is such a great fat burner and helps to tone up the muscles.

Now when it comes to the female bodybuilding diet, you need to be very strict with what you are eating. The last thing that you want is to starve yourself, and instead make sure that you are eating the right foods. Dry oats mixed with water, eggs, green leafy vegetables, chicken, turkey, and lean fish – these are all great foods to include in your bodybuilding diet.

If you want to get the best results out of all of this, the best thing that you can do is speak to a professional bodybuilder who will be able to teach you the ways and ensure that you come out of all this with the best results.

Guidelines for female body builders:

  1. To ensure success, set goals
  2. Body building goals are based on the amount of weight used and the number of sets and repetitions done. In the beginning, you can use less number of weights. As you improve, you can increase the number of weights and sets.
  3. As a female Body builder, physical fitness is a long term target. Set the workout routine and stick to it.
  4. Don’t see tiredness or weakness as failure and give up the program.

…And don’t believe that your femininity will be destroyed. Becoming a female body builder it has it’s own benefits:

  1. You will realize that fat cannot be shaped and has to be removed.
  2. You will realize it gives defined muscular shape to shapeless and unattractive muscles.
  3. It will build your confidence.
  4. You will realize it slows down the undesirable effects that gravity and aging impose on your body.
  5. It will improve your health and fitness
  6. It will confirm that you can be both strong and sexy when involved in female body building.

Source: bodybuilding4fitness.com

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