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2010 IFBB Tournament of Champions Bikini Final Results

The 2010 IFBB Tournament of Champions took place in Culver City, California over the weekend. Promoter, Jon Lindsay did another tremendous job with this contest which was held in conjunction with a NPC event. It was refreshing to see a large turnout (18) from the pro bikini competitors. The top three women qualified for next weekend’s first ever Bikini Olympia. Sonia Gonzales notched her third win in the bikini division. Her only loss was in Pittsburgh to Nathalia Melo. Rookies Brooke Mora and Anca Marcus both qualified in their first pro shows.

Sonia Gonzales (USA – 1st)

Dinah Al-Sabah (Kuwait – 5th)

Jennifer Celeste (USA – 16th)

Jessica Clay (USA – 9th)

Michele D’Angona (USA – 15th)

Jennifer Dietrick (USA – 6th)

Michell Gullett (USA – 10th)

Kat Holmes (USA – 13th)

Rachael Labender (USA – 12th)

Anca Marcus (Romania – 3rd)

Cathy Miller (USA – 14th)

Nicole Moneer-Guerrero (USA – 11th)

Brooke Mora (USA – 2nd)

Karen Mullarkey (USA – 18th)

Natalie Pennington (USA – 17th)

Vanessa Prebyl (USA – 8th)

Zhanna Rotar (USA – 4th)

Christina Vargas (USA – 7th)

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