Human Chorionic Gonadotropin shortly known as HCG is produced in female human body in the period of ovulation and is secreted by the human placenta.  This hormone has the same proprieties as natural male Luetinising Hormone that stimulate production of testosterone..
It very popular and often used in medicine, for treating such diseases as female fertility,  hypogonadal and others.
HCG is not a type of steroid but it is liked buy bodybuilders too because of its proprieties. It is considered post-cycle therapy product because as we said earlier is stimulate natural production of testosterone in the human body. In most cases, after steroid cycles, production of testosterone decrease.  It is administrated intramuscular.  HCG is working very quickly, just in about some hour’s level of testosterone rise.  Some bodybuilders notice better results while using HCG in during their cycle. This can be explained by the fact that human body possess high level of androgens the same as the steroid (artificial hormone).  Another positive key about Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is