Fouad Abiad signs a contract with Weider Publications

FLEX is proud to announce that IFBB Pro League athlete Fouad Abiad is offically under contract with Weider/AMI. The relationship began in late 2010 as Abiad began his preparations for the 2011 FLEX Pro. During the months leading up to the contest, Abiad contributed a very popular weekly blog, training videos, and interviews. This all culminated in a spectacular third-place finish at the FLEX Pro.

“Being part of the Weider family is every bodybuilder’s dream,” Abiad said. “There is something about being in the pages of FLEX that just make you more proud to be a bodybuilder than any other magazine! FLEX magazine has a mystique and a prestige about it that no other magazine has, to finally be a part of that means everything to me!”

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Who Are You at Showtime?

I’m actually on the plane home from LA as I write this and I have this overwhelming feeling of accomplishment. Its not just because I qualified for the O at my first showing this year. Something else happened this time around; I have been doing a lot of mental work and mental preparation for this show and for life in general. I didn’t want to admit this to anyone at the time but a couple weeks out from this show I felt like I didn’t want to do this anymore, I don’t know if it was the starvation talking or if it was really a feeling of fear and nervousness about the outcome.

Regardless, I broke through my roadblock and it only took me a couple days and I was back on top mentally. It was weird, as I got closer to the show instead of becoming more nervous, anxious or stressed out, I actually became more and more calm as the big day approached. My girlfriend, trainer, brothers all noticed this change in me, they all kept saying, “you’re so calm!”

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2011 FLEX PRO Finals Report

Evan Centopani wins the inaugural FLEX Pro Bodybuilding Championships

Evan Centopani upset veteran Dexter Jackson to walk away from the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium as the first-ever FLEX Pro Bodybuilding Championships winner. Presented by Body Fortress, the FLEX Pro is Centopani’s first contest since 2009, when he won his pro debut at the New York Pro. With added thickness to his torso and legs, Centopani’s grainy condition and superior size could not be denied.

Jackson, slightly off from his signature sliced and diced physique, settled into the second spot. Though improved from this afternoon’s prejudging, it wasn’t enough to overtake the Centopani steam roller.

Fouad Abiad, who sat out last season, came out strong with loads of dense, striated muscle to take the third spot. Abiad had great detail in his back double-biceps and both side-chest and side-triceps shots.

At 275 pounds, you don’t get any bigger than Dennis Wolf. But The Big Bad needed to be a bit drier to show the requisite lines in his hamstrings and lower back.

Ben Pakulski, who had improved balance thanks to added muscle to his upper body, finished in the fifth spot.

Centopani and Abiad qualify for the 2011 Mr. Olympia this September (Jackson qualified via his fourth place finish at the 2010 Olympia).

1st – Winner: Evan Centopani-$15,000

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