Exercises with dumbbells for home workouts

So many people cannot find time for the gym and prefer to exercise at home, using collapsible dumbbells. Of course, such training is unlikely to lead you to a stunning result, and you will never be like the guy on the cover of a fashion magazine, but still, the home training – it is better than the traditional evening beer with friends or watching of TV eating chips, pizza and Coke.
We offer you a list of exercises with dumbbells that you can do at home, with a pair of dumbbells in the arsenal and aspiration to training.
Target muscles and exercises with dumbbells
At home, on the hamstrings can be perform the same exercise as for the lower back – torso forward bend with dumbbells against the top of your back.
Squats with dumbbells, lunges with dumbbells.
Calf Raises Over Step with weights (one foot or both feet at the same time).

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