Clenbuterol represent an anabolic compound that is well known in bodybuilding.

As many other substances related to Clen, it is used in medicine. This substance work as breathing assistant especially it is used by people suffering from asthma and bronchospasm.

Clen helps on elimination from the human body of excess of fat and increase in blood pressure and oxygen transportation.

Many athletes and bodybuilders like it because it modifies muscles structure and function. Those who do not like syringe will also prefer Clen because it is oral compound.

Being beta-2 agonist it is preferred by many sportsmen. By taking Clenbuterol bodybuilders report dramatic increase of muscle mass, decrease of body fat and weight loss.  At the same time some athletes enjoyed noticeable gains in muscle mass while using this substance. Sometimes while using Clen you lose fat and at the result your body temperature can rise.

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Dieting Pharmacology Guide

Of all the obscene four letter words in the English language, “diet” ranks up there as the most despised and hated. As the weather warms, the majority of people want to get ripped up for the beach, contests, or just diet down to look decent. In pursuit of these goals, dieting becomes a necessary evil. I could care less about beaches, but contests I do care about. This article is for all of those who are uncertain about what helpful supplements and drugs to use when dieting off those excess “bulking” pounds. The who, what, when and why of ECA, T3, Clen., and DNP. This information isn’t new, but if people didn’t want it, then there would be no questions about it. And there’s bound to be questions as the spring and summer months approach.

ECA stands for Ephedrine Caffeine and Aspirin in one capsule. It’s the one supplement out of the list that you can get over the counter at any health food store or nutritional outlet on the net. When it comes to dieting, it’s as popular for veteran bodybuilders as it is for newbies. ECA helps boost your metabolism and curb your appetite, which is very important if you are susceptible to cravings and midnight refrigerator runs. Most dosages are 2-4 capsules before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. However ECA leaves some people feeling wired and jittery, so the dinner dosage may not be needed. I don’t use ECA according to the directions on the label, and neither should you in my opinion. The label is meant for people who do not work out the way bodybuilders do. It’s meant for the 9 to 5 worker who can’t do cardio in the morning, or lift on a daily basis. So taking it

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