Is Jean-Claude Van Damme Taking Steroids?

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Has Sylvester Stallone used Steroids or he is all Natural?

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Has Michael B. Jordan Used Steroids for Black Panther movie?

One of the recent movie debuts that hit the movie theatre’s is Black Panther with Michael B. Jordan starring in the role of Erik Killmonger – Tchalla’s (Chadwick Boseman) worst enemy. In case you haven’t already seen Black Panther, I honestly recommend doing it as it is a really good movie that’s having one of … Read moreHas Michael B. Jordan Used Steroids for Black Panther movie?

Is Conor McGregor taking Steroids?

Today, we are going to find out if Conor McGregor is taking steroids or not. This question appeared after everybody has notice Conor Mcgregor’s winning mentality, alpha male and ferocious behavior making people thinking whether or not this has been boosted by using steroids. There are chances he does uses something to achieve such results … Read moreIs Conor McGregor taking Steroids?

Training for thin leg

Training for thin leg
Each of us has muscle groups that grow worse than others or do not grow at all. For someone is the chest, back, arms, for you – the legs?! First you will start blindly copy other people’s methods – with no result!? Then you will begin specialized training legs – the whole program is redrawn for pumping a single muscle group. And again with no results!? However, it can be even worse. Reducing the load on the upper body, you can lose the muscles of the back, chest and shoulder girdle.
But not all is that bad. There is a training program that will help extremely fast increase your leg, despite the genetic deprived. This complex is not directly designed for high-level bodybuilder. Anyone can start working with it without any problems.
Work on your quadriceps with 4 exercises: extension, presses, hack squats and reverse hack squats.
Quadriceps and hamstrings training should be divided. In the morning, we are working on quads, and in the evening – on the hamstrings. In the split program, legs training should be put on a priority – the next day after the resting.
You will not have any difficulty with exercises, except the reverse hack squats on the simulator. This is a rather unusual variation of motion, so you will need at least a couple of workouts to get used to it. But in any case, recommend: do not drop this exercise. It helps to considerable increase the front volume of hips. No other exercise, including heavy squats help to achieve this effect. Squats great increase feet, but weight gain takes place, so to speak, in the longitudinal plane. Hips widen in the lateral projection.

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