Main mistakes made by bodybuilders

mag-subscribe-650x2501. Big weights.
Perhaps it is the most common mistake among athletes, regardless of trained level. Even bodybuilders with experience and newcomers, from time to time exaggerate their capabilities, trying to lift too much weight in an attempt to impress his friends, individuals of the opposite sex or more experienced athletes.

First, you should not do this, because in moments of super-heavy lifting for you weight, there is a high probability of serious injury of joints or muscles. Secondly, most chicks no matter how much you can raise on the biceps. And finally, an experienced bodybuilder only smiles at your vain attempts; because he knows that large weights to

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When i can start using steroids?

richard_sandrak_How to decide at what age to start weight training regimen and if it is not too early to use steroids?

There are many experts that consider that to start a weight training regimen at puberty age (13 years old) is not perfect and a kind of dangerous while other experts see no harm in it at all. At the same time you cannot just chose an age and say that this is the time for using steroids.

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Mental Strategies for Achieving Maximum Gym Results

bodybuilding-iq4In bodybuilding, possessing the right genetics for gaining muscle, losing body fat, responding to chemicals, and shape/structure are often the keys to who succeeds and who fails in the sport. However, none of these tools matter much if the athlete doesn’t possess the mental fortitude, focus, and discipline to spend the years engaged in consistent training and dieting which are required to maximize potential. The truly successful bodybuilders are the ones with the correct physical tools, who have the mental ability to train with the intensity and focus required to fulfill the potential for which these tools allow. Bodybuilding mentality in the gym should be simple – train hard and train smart. There are some additional strategies,

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