Brad Castleberry: Uses Steroids or All Natural?

If you’re a follower of the online fitness community then you almost surely know who Brad Castleberry is. That’s because this is a name that’s very popular in the fitness industry but unfortunately, he is not known for the right reasons. We would say that he is polarizing, however to be honest here… this would … Read moreBrad Castleberry: Uses Steroids or All Natural?

Julian Smith: Uses Steroids or Natural?

As much as I can guess, everybody knows that the world of professional bodybuilding is constantly changing, and it especially changed nowadays. That’s because, while in the past it was the men’s heavyweight dominating the Olympia, nowadays people are seem to care more and more about the classic and more aesthetic physiques out there, rather … Read moreJulian Smith: Uses Steroids or Natural?

Jaco De Bruyn Is Natural or Taking Steroids?

Jaco De Bruyn is a South African bodybuilder and WBFF pro muscle model who has got millions of fans and thanks to his amazing physique he ended up being sponsored by supplement company named EHP labs alongside another famous bodybuilder named Josef Rakich. As earlier mentioned, Jaco is super famous and has an amazing physique, … Read moreJaco De Bruyn Is Natural or Taking Steroids?

Chris Jones (bodybuilder): Natural or Steroids?

When talking about Chris Jones try not to confuse him with the American professional football player as we are going to talk about the bodybuilder Chris Jones from Physiques of Greatness. He is the founder of Physiques of Greatness which is a popular YouTube channel and a Facebook page. That’s because, thanks to the way … Read moreChris Jones (bodybuilder): Natural or Steroids?