Pomegranate For a Pump

Drink eight ounces of pomegranate juice with 20 g of whey protein before workouts for a better pump

Every hardcore bodybuilder knows to take nitric oxide boosters like arginine, not just for the pump they deliver, but for muscle growth and strength gains as well. Few may realize, though, that to help protect their increased NO level, they should consider reaching for a cold refreshing glass of pomegranate juice.

Researchers at UCLA have recently reported — in the aptly named journal Nitric Oxide — that pomegranate juice was effective at protecting NO against oxidative destruction. In laboratory tests, the scientists compared the effects of the juice on NO destruction and NO action to other antioxidant-rich sources, such as Concord grape juice, blueberry juice, red wine and vitamins C and E.

Pomegranate was found to be more effective at protecting and augmenting NO than all the others. In some cases, it was more than 300 times as powerful. The researchers determined that the potent antioxidant activity is responsible for the juice’s benefits on NO.

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Get Ripped And Pumped

Stack these two supplements to get ripped and pumped

Commonly referred to as bitter orange, this plant contains the active ingredient synephrine. Synephrine is similar chemically to ephedrine yet it does not raise heart rate and blood pressure as ephedrine can. Synephrine mimics the actions of norepinephrine. This neurohormone works to increase metabolic rates. Synephrine also stimulates receptors on fat cells that increase lipolysis — the release of fat from the fat cells to be burned for fuel. In addition, synephrine has even been found to decrease appetite.

This amino acid is readily converted in the body to nitric oxide. NO is responsible for countless processes in the body, including the dilation of blood vessels — the most critical to bodybuilders. This widening of the blood vessels allows more blood to flow through and reach tissues such as muscle fibers, which enables more oxygen, nutrients, anabolic hormones and supplements to reach them. NO also appears to have its own ability to encourage fat burning. French scientists have discovered that NO enhances lipolysis, making more bodyfat available to be burned as fuel.

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