Steroid cycle and stacking

steroidsSteroids, for years, have run rampant through the sports world. UT Southwestern Medical Center scientists have revealed that a combination of corticosteroids with traditional antimicrobial therapy may help people with pneumonia recover more quickly than with antibiotics alone. That is meaning that using steroid sometimes is useful for our health. People start using steroids to create a more direct, fast acting way to stimulate strength, enhances their glycogen levels after a workout and increases the way of their body synthesizes protein, for achieving tone, leaner looking muscles without having to sacrifice size to aerobic works out.  To obtain the more efficient and maximized result and in shorter time they started to combine steroids.

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What are steroids?

Steroid RaidAccording to the Medical  Dictionary Steroids represent a general class of chemical substances that are structurally related to one another and share the same chemical skeleton. It is a terpenoid lipid characterized by a carbon skeleton with four fused rings, generally arranged in a 6-6-6-5 fashion. We can find them in plants, animals, and fungi. All steroids are made in cells either from the sterol lanosterol (animals and fungi) or from the sterol cycloartenol (plants).

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The winner of the 2009 Arnold Sports Festival

Arnold Sports FestivalThe 21st Arnold Classic, the premiere event in men’s professional bodybuilding, hosted the sport’s elite competing for top prize money and the coveted Audemars Piguet watch. Branch Warren, Victor Martinez and more compete on the historic Veterans Memorial stage.

This spectacular event annually features the presentation of the Arnold Lifetime Achievement Award, world-class entertainment, and the final event of The Arnold Strongman Contest. A total of 13 bodybuilders participated in the 2009 Arnold Classic competition. US Bodybuilder Kai Greene won the 1st price and recived a check about $130,000. Congratulations. Victor Martinez of the United States won 2nd place. And Branch Warren placed 3rd in this year’s Arnold Classic.

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The 2009 Arnold Sports Festival

arnold2009_header2The 2009 Arnold Sports Festival, the world’s largest multi-sport fitness weekend, took place on March 6-8. With 17,000 competing athletes, from Bodybuilding to Ping Pong, the Arnold Sports Festival is the largest sports event in the World, nearly 2X the size of the Olympics.
The participants at Arnold Sports Festival competed in the following compartments:

Arnold ACTIVE AGING Festival

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Mental Strategies for Achieving Maximum Gym Results

bodybuilding-iq4In bodybuilding, possessing the right genetics for gaining muscle, losing body fat, responding to chemicals, and shape/structure are often the keys to who succeeds and who fails in the sport. However, none of these tools matter much if the athlete doesn’t possess the mental fortitude, focus, and discipline to spend the years engaged in consistent training and dieting which are required to maximize potential. The truly successful bodybuilders are the ones with the correct physical tools, who have the mental ability to train with the intensity and focus required to fulfill the potential for which these tools allow. Bodybuilding mentality in the gym should be simple – train hard and train smart. There are some additional strategies,

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