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Jay Cutler Trains his Back February 12, 2011

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Jay Cutler Kills back at Golds Venice with Team Cutler Trainer Eric Di Lauro

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Another huge workout for Jay Cutler January 15 th  2011 on the come back for this years 2011 Mr Olympia title. Hungry as ever and ready to improve and get better than the year prior . What is amazing is he is able  to change his physique and grow and become tighter and better every year.

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Jay Cutler hits Legs February 1, 2011

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Jay hitting the gym after the LA Fit Expo & he brought his friend, Larry Smith. You may seen Larry from the pilot called Fatass with Jay Cutler. It’s been a while Jay’s hitting front squats. Right now, Jay is going for pump, contraction & not going crazy with the weight. Jay put a small plug with the Smart Shake.

Jay Cutler Edges Out Phil Heath To Win The 45th Annual Mr. Olympia

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In the world of professional bodybuilding, there have been many greats, many legends, but there have only been 12 men who have earned the title of Mr. Olympia. From the days of the first man to win the crown, the Legend, Larry Scott, to The Myth Sergio Oliva, to the man who propelled the sport to the mainstream Arnold Schwarzenegger, to Lee Haney and Dorian Yates, to the champions of this millennium, Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler, the title of Mr. Olympia has been worn with honor and dignity.

As 2010 rolled around, the bodybuilding world was buzzed as the 45th anniversary of the contest was setting up as one of the biggest in history.

Coming in, the experts weighing in claimed that the battle would be between The Gift, Phil Heath, and The Predator, Kai Greene. read more »

Big Press from Mr.Olympia – Jay Cutler

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Big, round, wide cannonball delts are the mark of a hardcore bodybuilder. To make them huge, pressing some serious poundage is essential. Heavy dumbbell presses are one of the best ways to go for full deltoid development, but if you’re stuck on the 50-pounders, you’ll never get those caps.
Sometimes you have to take an alternate route to increase your strength. Here’s a program that’s designed to add a good 20 pounds to your dumbbell press. Any takers?

Get ready

This program actually is a training secret that many Olympic weightlifting champions have used to increase their pressing strength. All that’s required is a set of dumbbells and an adjustable bench, preferably one that goes from flat to upright in many increments, like the Ironmaster Super Bench shown in the photo above. The trick is that you start by doing flat-bench presses with a certain weight and slowly increase the bench angle over several weeks while using the same weight until you can press it overhead. read more »

Jay Cutler Wins 4th Sandow, Kevin English Takes 202 Showdown

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Taking his place on stage along side 10 men who have also won the Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler must have felt something special in the air. The evening began with a collection of greats who have triumphed in the contest since its inception in 1965 (minus Arnold Schwarzeneggar, who was unable to attend but recorded a speech) and took their place around The Master Blaster himself, Joe Weider.

The announcement of his name at the end of the show was still nearly three hours away, but Cutler appeared cool and confident each time he came under the bright lights. He certainly had a few things to worry about, especially from someone so close to him.

“Phil Heath is my best friend in bodybuilding,” said Cutler, “and he’s starting to catch up to me.”The man known as The Gift sure is and took the runner-up spot behind his confidant and mentor. Branch Warren, who finished second last year, placed third. Dexter Jackson may have seen his best days already, but The Blade proved that he has plenty left in the tank, placing fourth. read more »


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The best IFBB Pro League athletes in the game have congregated in Las Vegas, Nevada and are ready to battle it out at the Mr. Olympia competition on Friday and Saturday, September 24-25, for the most coveted prize in the sport — the Sandow!

Tonight’s 202 weigh-ins and Mr. Olympia Athletes Meeting at the Orleans Arena ballroom got things rolling, and we’ve got exclusive pics that put you front and center for all the action. We also got a look at the official list of competitors, in order of appearance:

  1. Branch Warren
  2. Troy Alves
  3. Erik Fankhouser
  4. Dennis Wolf
  5. Marcus Haley
  6. Roelly Winklaar
  7. Ed Nunn
  8. Evgeny Mishin
  9. Victor Martinez
  10. Robert Piotrkowicz
  11. Dennis James
  12. Ronny Rockel
  13. Dexter Jackson
  14. Hidetada Yamagishi
  15. Kai Greene
  16. Johnnie Jackson
  17. Craig Richardson
  18. Phil Heath
  19. Bill Wilmore
  20. Toney Freeman
  21. Francisco “Paco” Bautista
  22. Jay Cutler


Ronnie Coleman Out of 2010 Mr. Olympia; Career Over?

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THIS IS A MUSCLE SPORT MAG EXCLUSIVE – After a year of speculation, Ronnie Coleman has decided not to compete in the 2010 Mr. Olympia. In an e-mail sent to our publication, the 8-time Sandow winner plainly stated, “I’m definitely not doing the Olympia.”

It was last June that Coleman first announced live on MuscleSport Radio that he was making his comeback and training for the Olympia and the story was the talk of the bodybuilding industry. When the man who is tied for the most Sandows in the history of the sport speaks of donning the posing trunks again, that is to be expected.

Now after having some time to think it over, “The King” has decided that the time was not right for him to join the ranks in Las Vegas this September. read more »

Ronnie Coleman Steroid Cycle

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What would the Ronnie Coleman steroid cycle look like? Surprisingly, even though steroids are so widely used in professional bodybuilding, the cycles and dosages vary greatly from each pro. Genetics plays an extremely large role in bodybuilding, the steroids and other drugs are just a helper. There are some pros that use very low dosages of steroids, and others that use very high dosages for very long periods of times. It almost makes you wonder where some of the low dose steroid users would be if they used the same dosage and length as the other guys. The complication of the steroid cycles also varies from bodybuilder to bodybuilder. There are some who only stick to a few compounds, while others are taking four, five, six at a time. Some are using the most exotic or newest drugs like insulin, IGF, growth hormone, etc., while others just stick to the basics, such as, testosterone, Dianabol and Deca Durabolin. But what many don’t understand is, it’s not the drugs or steroids that got them there, it’s a combination of genetics, nutrition, hard work, and dedication over several years.

Let’s take a look at actual professional bodybuilders steroid cycles. Names are left out, but this is to give you an idea of the wide range of use and dosages in professional bodybuilding.

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Ronnie Coleman Biography

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Birthdate: May 13, 1964
Birthplace: Monroe, Louisianna
Education: Bastrop High School 1982; Grambling State University, 1986 (BS in Accounting, Cum Laude)
Height: 5’11″
Weight: 300 lbs. (contest); 330 lbs. (off-season)
Current residence: Arlington, TX

Ronnie Coleman: His Rise to the Top and How He Stayed There!

From humble beginnings

Ronnie Dean Coleman came into this world on May 13, 1964, in Monroe, Louisiana. He grew up in nearby Bastrop, raised by single mother Jessie Benton along with a younger brother and two younger sisters. Always big for his age, Ronnie tried various sports but excelled at football. His high school coaches and teammates remember him as the hardest-working kid on the squad, the only one who hit the weight room all summer long to get bigger and stronger for the gridiron in the fall. Ronnie was also a hard worker when it came to helping out his family, always holding down one or two jobs after school and on weekends to do what he could to ease his mother’s financial burdens. After high school he played football for Grambling State University, but was also quite serious about his studies. He graduated Cum Laude with a BS in Accounting. A stable career as a CPA was his plan at the time. Had his plan come to fruition, chances are we would never have heard of Ronnie Coleman in the bodybuilding world. read more »

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