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Jay Cutler Trains his Back February 12, 2011

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Jay Cutler 302 lbs Kills Chest At Golds Venice

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Jay Cutler Kills back at Golds Venice with Team Cutler Trainer Eric Di Lauro

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Another huge workout for Jay Cutler January 15 th  2011 on the come back for this years 2011 Mr Olympia title. Hungry as ever and ready to improve and get better than the year prior . What is amazing is he is able  to change his physique and grow and become tighter and better every year.

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Now Hip hop knows who Jay Cutler is!

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Jay Cutler hits Legs February 1, 2011

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Jay hitting the gym after the LA Fit Expo & he brought his friend, Larry Smith. You may seen Larry from the pilot called Fatass with Jay Cutler. It’s been a while Jay’s hitting front squats. Right now, Jay is going for pump, contraction & not going crazy with the weight. Jay put a small plug with the Smart Shake.

Jay Cutler Workout Routine

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Massive Quads with Jay Cutler

When the Night of Champions winner Jay “Big Beef” Cutler hits the leg room, it’s lights out. His approach is basic brutal big weight. “You have to do the hard work to get hard size,” says Jay. Here’s his take on 4 basic leg exercises, each of which resides in his master plan. “I go for the big burn on these,” says Jay. “If I can walk away after finishing, I haven’t done enough.”

“Squats are always first in my leg routine,” says Cutler. “It remains the classic mass builder, so you want all your strength able to come fresh into the movement, because you want the most results out of it. It’s also the hardest exercise for the legs; you have to combine a full range of leg strength with balance.” Jay doesn’t add any special twists to the squat: “It works perfectly for me as it is.” But his approach to sets is interesting: After 2-3 warm-up sets to get used to the full range of motion and to orient balance, Cutler will do another 2-3 sets at a full working weight that sees him get 8-12 reps—whatever it takes to get to muscular failure—from each set. Sort of. Jay doesn’t do a true drop set of equal or near-equal reps with lower weight, but he’ll re-rack the bar, pause 5 seconds, and do as many more reps as he can. It’s usually 1-3.
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Jay Cutler afraid to go to Sweden

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Current (and four-time) Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler recently cancelled his scheduled guest posing  in Sweden. This follows shortly after fellow IFBB professional Toney Freeman was taken into police custody on Thursday, and confirmed to have been using on steroids (and recently having used marijuana) at the time of his arrest. Freeman publicly warned Cutler to keep his butt out of Sweden, and Cutler quickly opted to follow his advice.

In Sweden, the law allows the police to test people for drugs on suspicion of use. Although this practice has been criticized on various message boards, here in the United States we allow people to be tested for alcohol and/or drugs if they’re suspected of being under their influence while operating a motor vehicle. In Sweden, it’s allowed under any suspicion, not just during the operation of a vehicle, and they’ve made it clear that they’ll be arresting professional bodybuilders who show up with obviously chemical- enhanced physiques.

Hence, once Cutler found this out, he cancelled his appearance, leaving little doubt as to his steroid use, in the minds of many fans…not that anyone doubted it before. read more »

Jay Cutler Edges Out Phil Heath To Win The 45th Annual Mr. Olympia

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In the world of professional bodybuilding, there have been many greats, many legends, but there have only been 12 men who have earned the title of Mr. Olympia. From the days of the first man to win the crown, the Legend, Larry Scott, to The Myth Sergio Oliva, to the man who propelled the sport to the mainstream Arnold Schwarzenegger, to Lee Haney and Dorian Yates, to the champions of this millennium, Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler, the title of Mr. Olympia has been worn with honor and dignity.

As 2010 rolled around, the bodybuilding world was buzzed as the 45th anniversary of the contest was setting up as one of the biggest in history.

Coming in, the experts weighing in claimed that the battle would be between The Gift, Phil Heath, and The Predator, Kai Greene. read more »

Jay Cutler Wins 4th Sandow, Kevin English Takes 202 Showdown

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Taking his place on stage along side 10 men who have also won the Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler must have felt something special in the air. The evening began with a collection of greats who have triumphed in the contest since its inception in 1965 (minus Arnold Schwarzeneggar, who was unable to attend but recorded a speech) and took their place around The Master Blaster himself, Joe Weider.

The announcement of his name at the end of the show was still nearly three hours away, but Cutler appeared cool and confident each time he came under the bright lights. He certainly had a few things to worry about, especially from someone so close to him.

“Phil Heath is my best friend in bodybuilding,” said Cutler, “and he’s starting to catch up to me.”The man known as The Gift sure is and took the runner-up spot behind his confidant and mentor. Branch Warren, who finished second last year, placed third. Dexter Jackson may have seen his best days already, but The Blade proved that he has plenty left in the tank, placing fourth. read more »

Jay Cutler – Advice for beginning bodybuilders

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What is the most important piece of advice you can give to beginning bodybuilders just starting out?

The most important quality you need to cultivate is patience. Nobody makes progress as quickly as they would like to, not even the top pro’s. When you’re just getting started, you really need to forget all about going from a regular body to a great physique in 60 days, 90 days, or even a year. It takes time to build a good physique, and even more time to bring up any lagging bodyparts so that you’re complete and balanced. A lot of guys get discouraged if their back or their legs aren’t growing at the same rate, and they focus more on the areas that respond faster. That will lead to huge imbalances in the long term if you keep it up. At one point I had to recognize that my legs were overpowering my upper body, so I had to back off on them a little before the situation got any worse. I would also urge beginning bodybuilders to be very consistent with your diet and training routine. The growth process is slow, but it will be steady as long as you keep eating right and training hard, one day at a time. Finally, I would say to try and keep balance in your life and don’t make bodybuilding your whole world. There’s this idea that being totally obsessed and shutting out everything else in life will make you a better bodybuilder, but I think the opposite is true. Have friends and relationships, have other interests outside of the gym, and you’ll be a much more well adjusted person. read more »

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