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2010 NPC USA Bodybuilding, Figure, Bikini Complete Results

Posted in NEWS on August 5th, 2010 by admin – 6 Comments

What an incredible weekend in Las Vegas, where 18 competitors earned the right to turn pro in the IFBB. Congratulations! Here are the links to the complete results of the 2010 NPC USA contest.

2010 NPC USA Mens Championships Results

1 Jason Huh

Earned Pro Card

2 Al Auguste
3 Vladimir Sizov
4 Jason Joseph

Super Heavyweight

1 Jason Huh
2 Keith Williams
3 Brian Yersky
4 Robert Burneika
5 Dusty Hanshaw
6 Stephan Kuclo
7 Sean Allan
8 Blair Mone
9 Chad LaCount
10 Dan Decker read more »

2010 IFBB New York Pro Bodybuilding and Bikini Contest Info

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The 2010 IFBB New York Pro will be held this Saturday, May 8th, at the Tribecca Performing Arts at BMCC, in New York. Four IFBB Pro shows will be held here, including Men’s Bodybuilding Open, Men’s Bodybuilding 202lbs and Under, Women’s Bodybuilding and Women’s Bikini. It is going to be a great contest. Here is the info on the contests.

Competitor Lists…

2010 IFBB NY Pro Men’s Bodybuilding Competitors

1. Marius Dohne (South Africa)
2. Erik Fankhouser (USA)
3. Toney Freeman (USA)
4. Jeff Long (USA)
5. Cesar Mendible (Venezuela)
6. Eugeny Mishin (Russia)
7. Mike Van Wyck (Canada)
8. Roelly Winklaar (Netherlands)
9. Dennis Wolf (Germany)
10. Danielle Seccarecci (Italy)
11. Sergey Shelestov (Russia)
12. Hidetada Yamagishi (Japan)

2010 IFBB NY Pro Men’s 202lb and Under BB Competitors

1. John Frederick Arendsz (Aruba)
2. Jason Arntz (USA)
3. Eric Castagnet (France)
4. Kevin English (USA)
5. Anthony Finocchiaro (USA) read more »


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Q: I’ve been bodybuilding for four years and I’m still not sure how fast or slow I should perform my repetitions. I often read that the reps should be slow, controlled and steady, only to turn the page to find another pro who says the reps should be fast and explosive. Who’s right, who’s wrong, and why?

A: Both are right. The speed, smoothness, consistency and control of reps vary according to the exercise, its purpose, the bodypart and the ordinal position of the set in your workout.


Repetition speed will vary, depending upon whether the exercise is performed with cables, free weights or a machine. Since resistance with cables is consistent over the entire range of motion, the most effective use of cables is by means of slower repetitions, with a pace that is consistent through both the contraction and extension phases.

With free weights, the moment of force, or resistance, varies through the arc of the movement: At some points, the weight feels heavier than at others, just the opposite of the sensation associated with cables. You have to apply more power at those higher resistance points than at others, which means you have to accelerate or decelerate your repetition. Free weights are thus more effectively employed by repetitions that are controlled but slightly more explosive.
read more »


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Biceps ballooning tips from Melvin Anthony, Jr.

Despite being arguably bodybuilding’s greatest showman and, at his best, sporting one of the most dramatic rear double bi shots of all time, Melvin Anthony, Jr. is the stealth pro. He rarely grabs headlines but just as rarely finishes out of a money slot. In an 11-year career, he’s won only three of the 36 shows he’s entered, including this year’s inaugural Phoenix Pro, and yet in 21 of those contests he made the posedown, and that includes three consecutive Mr. Olympia’s (2006-08). In every battle, he’s come well-armed, so we got Mel’s thoughts on biceps training and a typical “good bi” routine.


  • “I used to lift crazy heavy weight, curling 225 pounds and all that stuff. I still go heavy on barbell curls; I just don’t do things like dumbbell preacher curls in the 90s, like I used to do back in the day. I ain’t going for strength; I ain’t trying to powerlift. That was just for show, ego, more than anything else #151; especially when the girls were walking around. I’d try to stop traffic. Me and my boys used to stop the gym. It was our goal to train so hard that we messed up everybody else’s workout.” read more »
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