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2010 IFBB/NPC Kentucky Muscle Extravaganza Results

Posted in FEMALE BODYBUILDING, NEWS on November 14th, 2010 by admin – Be the first to comment

For the second year the first stage of 2010 IFBB Kentucky Muscle Pro Figure was taken by Cheryl Brown. The top tree was completed by Chelsey Morgenstern and Candice Keene. Below you can see result for this competition:

1. Cheryl Brown – 3
2. Chelsey Morgenstern – 6
3. Candice Keene – 9
4. Ava Cowan – 12
5. Emily Nicholson – 15
6. Gennifer Strobo – 19
7. Stephanie McDonald – 21
8. Teresa Gillian – 24
9. Ella Horton – 27
10. Jaquelline Hoppe – 30 read more »

2010 IFBB Border States Pro Figure Results and Photos

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Final placings and galleries from the 2010 IFBB Border States Pro Figure

Finally on 30th October holds IFBB PRO Figure competition and we have the hot five winners. 20 beautiful competitors take part in this event. On the first position was classified Teresa Anthony. Second position was taken by one of the most famous fitness models and softball champions of USA – Felicia Romero. Ava Cowan classified on the third place. On the 4th and 5th position were ranked Deena Walsh and Kristin Nunn.

1. Teresa Anthony
2. Felicia Romero
3. Ava Cowan
4. Deena Walsh
5. Kristin Nunn
6. Crystal Chiles
7. Natalie Waples
8. Sabrina Taylor
9. Carin Hawkins
10. Michelle Bates read more »

2010 IFBB Detroit BB and Bikini Results

Posted in FEMALE BODYBUILDING, NEWS on September 19th, 2010 by admin – Be the first to comment

Two more rookies came to Detroit for the last IFBB Pro Bikini contest to qualify for the 2010 Olympia, and they both garnered the top spots. Noemi Olah from Hungary blew away the competition, and could be a very serious contender for the top six at the Olympia next week. Christy Merritt also wowed the judges, and Dina Al-Sabah, after improving at each contest, garned the last qualifying spot for the Bikini Olympia. Congratulations! Davana Medina, on her first pro contest as a bikini competitor, placed 5th, still a little too muscular but quite impressive.

Here are the IFBB Pro Bikini Results

1. Noemi Olah
2. Christy Merritt
3. Dina Al-Sabah
4. Jessica Clay
5. Davana Medina
6. Jessica Jessie
7. Bianca Binno
8. Melissa Frabbiele
9. Kira Rivera
10. Zara Pineda-Boorder
11. Stefanie Lindsey
12. Janet Harding
13. Michelle Lamb
14. Beth White
15. Nicole Coleman

No question Stan McQuay was looking like he is going to do very well next weekend at the 2010 read more »

2010 IFBB John Simmons Detroit 202 Pro Championships

Posted in NEWS on September 16th, 2010 by admin – Be the first to comment

Less than one week before the Olympia begins, and we have two more IFBB competitions, with the top three in each able to qualify. Here are the competitor lists.

2010 IFBB John Simmons Detroit Pro Men’s 202lb and under competitors

1. Jimmy Canyon (USA)
2. Pedro Barron Cuyas (Mexico)
3. Perenthesis Devers (USA)
4. Mark Dugdale (USA)
5. Edward Duque (Venezuela)
6. Myoba Edwards (Canada)
7. Daryl Gee (USA)
8. Lawrence Hunt (USA)
9. Tricky Jackson (USA)
10. Sean Jenkins (USA)
11. Rod Ketchens (USA)
12. James Llewellin (United Kingdom)
13. Daron Lytle (USA)
14. Jason Marcovici (Canada)
15. Luis Felipe Marinho (Brazil)
16. Stan McQuay (USA)
17. Jimmy Momany (USA)
18. Amir Sapir (Israel)
19. Cvetko Stojmenovski (Germany) read more »

2010 IFBB Tournament of Champions Bikini Final Results

Posted in FEMALE BODYBUILDING, NEWS on September 13th, 2010 by admin – Be the first to comment

The 2010 IFBB Tournament of Champions took place in Culver City, California over the weekend. Promoter, Jon Lindsay did another tremendous job with this contest which was held in conjunction with a NPC event. It was refreshing to see a large turnout (18) from the pro bikini competitors. The top three women qualified for next weekend’s first ever Bikini Olympia. Sonia Gonzales notched her third win in the bikini division. Her only loss was in Pittsburgh to Nathalia Melo. Rookies Brooke Mora and Anca Marcus both qualified in their first pro shows.

Sonia Gonzales (USA – 1st)

read more »

2010 Tournament of Champions Pro Bikini Preview

Posted in FEMALE BODYBUILDING, NEWS on September 8th, 2010 by admin – Be the first to comment

This Saturday, 18 IFBB Bikini Pros will take the stage at the IFBB Tournament of Champions held in Culver City, California. The show is the second-to-last competition for those hoping to lock in a spot in the first Bikini Olympia. There are a number of women making their pro debuts and a few familiar names.

The IFBB Pro Bikini competitors slated to appear include:

1. Dina Al-Sabah (Kuwait)
2. Jennifer Celeste (USA)
3. Jessica Clay (USA)
4. Michele D’Angona (USA)
5. Jennifer Dietrick (USA)
6. Sonia Gonzales (USA)
7. Michele Gullett (USA)
8. Kat Holmes (USA)
9. Rachel Labender (USA)
10. Anca Marcus (Romania)
11. Cathy Miller (USA)
12. Nicole Moneer-Guerrero (USA)
13. Brook Mora (USA)
14. Karen Mullarkey (USA)
15. Natalie Pennington (USA)
16. Vanessa Prebyl (USA)
17. Zhanna Rotar (USA)
18. Christina Vargas (USA)

My Top Contenders:
Dina Al-Sabah has steadily improved with every show and has found her way around the new division. She teamed up with TEAM BOMBSHELL a few weeks ago and the results have paid off. Look for her to be one of the names called out in the top five.

Jennifer Celeste will be making her pro debut. She turned pro at the 2009 NPC JR Nationals and has good bikini physique. Since we haven’t seen her on stage in over a year it’s a roll of the dice on what her current physique looks like in a bikini. Jennifer is currently living in Los Angeles and has the added advantage of not having to travel. read more »

2010 IFBB North American Championships – Bodybuilding, Figure, Fitness & Bikini

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The 2010 IFBB North American Championships will be held this weekend in Cleveland, Ohio. This will be one of the last opportunities of the year to achieve IFBB Pro status. IFBB Pro cards will be awarded to the top two placers in the Open Men, Open Figure and Open Bikini overall comparisons. Pro cards will also be awarded to the overall winners of the Over 40 Men, Over 50 Men, Open Women’s Bodybuilding and Over 35 Women Bodybuilding, Open Fitness, Over 35 Figure and Over 35 Bikini.

The event is open to USA, Canadian and Mexican competitors.

Promoter, Dr. Gary Udit always puts on a first class event. For more information on the show and how you can purchase tickets to attend, visit garyudit.com.

300lb Kai Greene Guest Posing at the 2010 IFBB Jacksonville Pro!

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300lb Kai Greene Guest Posing at the 2010 IFBB Jacksonville Pro!

Watch fotos and video.

read more »

2010 IFBB Jacksonville Pro Results

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Here are the results from the three IFBB Pro Contests held in Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday, August 7th, 2010.

2010 IFBB Jacksonville Men’s Bodybuilding 202lbs and Under

1. David Henry
2. Jaroslav Horvath
3. Mike Valentino
4. Nathaniel Wonsley
5. Steve Namat
6. Jeff box Long
7. Pierre Chamoun
8. John Frederick Arendsz
9. Jocelyn Jean
10. Carlos Rabiei
11. Alan Ichinose
12. Anthony Finocchiaro
13. Daryl Stafford read more »

2010 IFBB Tampa Pro Results

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What an incredible contest as Ben White defied all expectations and wins the contest over Troy Alves! Congratulations!

2010 Tampa Pro Men’s Bodybuilding results

1 – Ben White
2 – Troy Alves
3 – Johnnie Jackson
4 – Edward Nunn
5 – Michael Kefalianos
6 – Brandon Curry
7 – Francisco ‘Paco’ Bautista
8 – Michael Liberatore
10 – Darrem Charles
11 – Alexandre Nataf
12 – Constantinos Demetriou
13 – Omar Deckard
14 – Manuel Romero
15 – Jo Jo Nitiforo
16 – Serdar Aktolga
16 – Mark Antonek
16 – Damaso Chacon
16 – Oleg Emelyanov
16 – Vonne Francis
16 – Manuel Lomeli Mex
16 – Heinz Senior
16 – Greg Ulysses
DNF – Hidetada Yamagishi read more »

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