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The oldest Mr. Universe celebrate his anniversary.

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“Written by GoldenMuscles”. Being 4 foot 11 inches Mr. Universe 1952 – Manohar Aich – just turned 100 years. He lives in KOLKATA, India and his room is still decorated with posters and pictures of his many bodybuilding triumphs. By asking him the secret of his longevity he answer that happiness and life without tensions help him to maintain his health. During his career he overcame many hurdles, including grinding poverty and a stint in prison.

He confirms that fruits, vegetables, milk, fish and rice are perfect meal for bodybuilders and athletes.  Also Manohar Aich is against smoking and alcohol.

Being born in a small town during the school year he was attracted f by the athleticism. Aich begin his bodybuilding career in 1942 when he joined the Royal Air Force under India’s British colonial rulers. He was encouraged by a British officer named Reub Martin, who introduced him to weight training. There Aich earned praise for his physique from his peers in the air force. read more »

Belts and bandages, as a remedy for injury in bodybuilding

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Today you can buy a huge number of devices that reduce the injury and increase efficiency of training. Among them – the various types of belts, straps, cuffs, bandages, knee wrap, special types of sportswear.

10 – 15 cm Weight Lifting leather belt can support the bodybuilders’ spine when lifting big weights. Belt helps maintain spine and raise the pressure inside the abdominal cavity itself, which does not depend on how strong bodybuilders abdominal muscles are. So when belt or bandage are used to strengthen the abdominal cavity, bodybuilder gets a sort of “puffed up ball” that takes over approximately 50% of the load on the spine and relieves back muscles in the same percentage. read more »

Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Pictures – Injectable Steroids

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Our Sponsor DaddyRoids.Com is happy to announce that he have Kalpa Pharmaceuticals Injectable Steroids for sale.

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Jay Cutler is back in the gym!

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Jay Cutler is back in the gym! A little weakened but probably more psychologically than physical. However we wish him a speedy recovery and success. Happy to see you working again! Good luck !!!

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Branch Warren vs Denis Wolf vs Evan Centopani 2012 Arnold Classic

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The Arnold Classic 2012 Results – and again Branch Warren champ!

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The second biggest bodybuilding competition in the world after the Olympia contest – Arnold Classic 2012 held this weekend in Columbus, OH. For the second year consecutively Branch Warren took main prize, a check in amount of $130,000 that was presented by Gerard Dente of MHP, a trophy presented by Tim Bentley of GNC, and a Tony Nowak Original jacket and congratulations from Arnold Schwarzenegger. Branch was also awarded as the Most Muscular Man Trophy and takes the $10,000 check for the Most Entertaining Posing.

As many judge noticed his size was fantastic that is why just few competitors can compete with him. These are Dennis Wolf – he placed second receiving $75,000 check presented by Rich Gaspari of Gaspari Nutrition and an Arnold Classic medallion presented by Jay Jacobson of Optimum Nutrition and Evan Centopani – he was third awarded  with $50,000 presented by Eric Schwartz of Animal Universal Nutrition and a medallion by Dean Donlon of Bodybuilding.com.

The next three places were taken respectively: Ben Pakulski (Canada) – $30,000, Dexter Jackson (USA) – $15,000, Lionel Beyeke (France) – $10,000. read more »

Happy Birthday Branch!

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Happy Birthday Branch! and Congratulations on the birth of your new daughter!

2012 Road To The Arnold Branch Warren Shoulder Workout

Jay Cutler has bicep surgery

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A multiple Mr. Olympia – Jay Cutler – just had biceps surgery.  Few weeks before the 2011 Olympia he tore his upper biceps. This thing caused Jay Cutler during this contest some issue. As is said on his Facebook page he is feeling good: “Back home from surgery, everything went great first thing on the agenda is food!”. Hoppe surgery was successful and we are waiting him on stage in the nearest future.

New Evan “OX” Centopani pics 2012

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Jay Cutler 2012 Video

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