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2011 Musclecontest Pro Bikini Info

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This Saturday, the second annual IFBB Musclecontest Pro Bikini Championship takes place in Culver City, CA. Promoter Jon Lindsay always brings the best events to LA and this contest will be no different.

The line-up in Pro Bikini features FLEX cover girl Amanda Latona, fresh off her sixth place finish at the Bikini International. The line-up also features a handful of pro-debuts along with some of the best veterans of the bikini stage. Three Olympia qualifications are up for grabs and all the ladies will be after that chance to compete at the “O.”

Competitor List as of March 22, 2011
*Updated Tuesdays and Fridays read more »

Phil & Jay at The MuscleTech Booth

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Frank McGrath and Antoine Vaillant Back Training

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Methenolone Acetate

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Methenolone Acetate represents a moderate anabolic steroid with low androgenic proprieties. It is well known steroid by bodybuilders and athletes as Primobolan.
Methenolone is available both as oral and injectable supplement, the difference is esters attached. Methenolone Acetate is an oral form of this steroid.
By taking Methenolone Acetate bodybuilders will see results after some week of training, because it is long acting substance. But instead of this fact the muscles tissue obtained will be qualitative. Another important thing to know about Methenolone Acetate is that it is non-17-alpha-alkylated as most of oral steroids. That’s mean that during the first pass in the liver, a large part of the substance is destroyed and thus deactivated leaving only a much smaller quantity of the substance to get into the blood. It is considered not to be toxic on liver. read more »


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Methandrostenolone is an oral anabolic steroid that was developed in the 1960 year to help athletes in increasing their muscular tissue.
Methandrostenolone actually represent an active substance in such drug as Dianabol. It is often used by bodybuilders/athletes in combination with other steroids or even alone. Methandrostenolone is considered to be 17-alkylated that is why it is recommended that its usage be limited to 6 weeks.
Because of its proprieties this supplement it is often compared to oxymetholone. The main purpose that is obtained after usage of methandrostenolone is very quick growth of muscles and strength. It is also preferable by beginners, because at the start of their cycle they need to obtain quick results. The positive effects of this steroid are noticeable after first week of usage and till the last administration.
Methandrostenolone converts to methylestradiol via aromatase.
Methandrostenolone is not recommended for female bodybuilders/athletes because even low dose can provoke insignificant virilization. Men usually take 25-50mgs of drug for about 3-6 week. read more »


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Mesterolone represent an oral androgen which is characterized with anti-estrogenic activity. Dissimilar to other oral supplements, this drug is neither hepatotoxic no 17-alkylated.

In medicine Mesterolone is widely applied for men in treating sexual dysfunction, which is the result of low level of testosterone. Mesterolone doesn’t have the proprieties to increase production of testosterone in the body; it is just used to correct natural production of male androgen.

This supplement is preferred by those bodybuilder/athletes who are sensitive to estrogenic side effects such as water retention or gyno. read more »

2011 British Grand Prix Results

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Branch Warren continues the dominance two weeks after winning the Arnold Classic with an impressive win here in England over Roelly Winklaar and Johnnie Jackson. A tremendous in shape Ronny Rockel was in 4th place, although many have said that he should of placed higher.

1. Branch Warren- $20,000.00
2. Roelly Winklaar $12,000.00

3. Johnnie Jackson
4. Ronny Rockel
5. Michael Kefalianos
6. Toney Freeman
7. Essa Obaid
8. Alvin Small
9. Thomas Benagli
10. Tomas Bures
11. Mario Vansteenberghe
12. Ian Wadley
13. Dainius Barzinskas
14. Ian Morgan

Congratulation to James ‘Flex’ Lewis for winning the 2011 IFBB British Grand Prix 202lbs and Under bodybuilding contest. Fellow friend John Hodgson took second place, with James llewellin taking third. Here are the complete results

202 Final Results: read more »

St. Louis Pro Figure and Bikini Finals

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Nicole Wilkins, Jessica Andrews win in St. Louis!

It’s been nearly two years since Nicole Wilkins competed in back-to-back contests. On Saturday night at the first-ever St. Louis Pro Figure and Bikini Championships, Wilkins demonstrated why she consider doing it more often.

For the second consecutive contest, Wilkins garnered straight firsts on the judges scorecards. Two weeks prior, Wilkins had received straight firsts while winning her second consecutive Figure International title in Columbus, Ohio.

“I always feel like I’m better at the second show,” Wilkins said. “It gives me another couple weeks to make adjustments, tighten up and come in a little leaner.”

It wasn’t as easy as it seemed, however. Wilkins came down with acute bronchitis just days after winning the Figure International. Although she never considered pulling out of St. Louis, it did have an effect on her preparation. read more »

British Grand Prix & Fitness Expo Weekend 2011

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Saturday: Prejudging starts at 2:30pm Eastern/11:30pm Pacific

Sunday: Finals at 3pm Eastern/12pm Pacific

The British Grand Prix Pro Bodybuilding will feature both Men’s Open and Under 202 classes. Just two weeks after the Arnold Classic, many of the world’s top bodybuilding names will be competing in top form. With $50,000 in prize money for the Open and $20,000 for the 202s and the top three places in both being invited to the Mr. Olympia, it’s certain to feature the best of the best.

The Men’s Open line-up features 2011 Arnold Classic Champion Branch Warren. Hoping to give Warren a challenge are Roelly Winklaar, Ronny Rockel, Johnnie Jackson, Toney Freeman and a bunch of other great pros. The Men’s 202 contest is all about James “Flex” Lewis’ return to the stage from a one year lay-off.

read more »

Branch Warren Calves Routine

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In 2006, Branch Warren made his Arnold Classic debut with a stunning runnerup finish behind Dexter Jackson. He stumbled to seventh the next year, the rare occasion when he wasn’t on-point, but in the last three first weekend’s in March he’s been fourth, third and third again at the A.C. Having knocked on the door so many times, this year in Columbus the Bulldozer is looking to blow that door open. One thing is certain, as he does every March he’ll have the best pair of calves among the top contenders. As he preps for his sixth A.C. on March 5, we look back at how Branch Warren swelled his lower legs. read more »

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