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Make Your Shoulders Attractive

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Quick guide for beginners

When did you last time hear anyone saying: “Look at this guy deltoid muscle”? Let’s be honest, the shoulders have never been viewed as one of the “spectacular” muscle groups – this status for a long time ago has been reserved for breasts, biceps and abs. This confuses many beginner, not allowing them to pay due attention to the basic principles of effective training.  No bodybuilder is complete without a nice back (shoulders being an important part of them). To develop an effective program that can make your back V-shape, you must first pay attention to some rules, which are listed below. Taking them into consideration in accordance with the training process you will achieve great results

For beginning you must understand the anatomy of your shoulders. Remember, the driver must know by rote motor device, a gynecologist – you know what, as a bodybuilder – muscles. In this sense, the shoulder built up begins with an anatomical atlas. So, what do we see? The deltoid muscles consist of three parts: anterior, middle and posterior. The posterior is the biggest one. Each beam requires special exercises. But more attention you should pay to posterior one. Deltoids are located on one of the most difficult (and therefore fragile) joints of the body. That’s mean that to train them with extreme weights is not recommended. The anterior deltoid generally contributes to all pressing-type movements, including the front press or bench press. The middle deltoid is mainly worked during movements in which the weights are raised laterally, while the posterior deltoid is developed through exercises that allow the shoulder blades to be squeezed together. So, results will be achieved with sets of exercises for all the beams, with particular emphasis on the posterior one. read more »

2011 Europa Dallas Winners

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Toney Freeman Wins 2011 Europa Super Show – Dallas!

1. Toney Freeman
2. Edward Nunn
3. Shawn Rhoden
4. Mark Alvisi
5. Michael Liberatore

Guy Cisternino Wins 2011 Europa – Dallas 202s

1. Guy Cisternino
2. Fernando Noronha Almeida
3. Ricky “Tricky” Jackson

Figure Bikini
View Comparisons View Comparisons
1. Ava Cowan
2. Deena Walsh
3. Ella Horton
1. Natalie Pennington
2. Jessica Jessie
3. Sonia Gonzales
4. Dianna Dahlgren

2011 Dallas Europa Open-Prejudging Wrapup

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Europa Super Show – Pro Bikini

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Bikini Introductions

Bikini Comparisons

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Jay Cutler – 7 weeks out of 2011 Mr. Olympia Part 2

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The importance of stretching exercise.

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Friends, I would never start writing this article, if I was not convinced about its importance. I will talk about stretching, the one which every bodybuilder knows that it is useful and … boring. Being bodybuilder with experience, I know from my own practice, how difficult is to force yourself to do stretching exercises. Before training – it’s easier, but between heavy sets or after workout when knees bent, here is hard at all. That is why when I read a post about unimportance or even prejudice of stretching exercises I forget about them for some time. And I will never remember about it, if not a story that happened to me. Training a lot I could not build my hamstrings. My long time efforts noticed coach from the gym I am training, until he finally gave me an advice to spend regularly 15-20 minutes for stretching hamstrings before exercising. I decided to try it. And what do you think? Within 4 days my weight went up! But six weeks later I could not recognize my legs! I immediately began to stretch other muscles. And here, too, was waiting for me full triumph! And the weight and volume growth in the abruptly gone! The results as you can image was excellent.

I understand that my personal experience for many is not an argument. I will retell what I read in the specialized literature. In 1992 in Australia was made an experiment that otherwise as sensational could not be named. A group of bodybuilders were divided into two groups with a classic training program with emphasis on the bench press. However, in addition the first group has to stretch intense shoulder girdle muscles. Two months later the first team forwarded the second by 15%! If American scientists would not interested in this surprising result nobody would ever know about it. And again serious scientists have put an objective experiment on the two groups of athletes. read more »

2011 Dexter Jackson Classic Results

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Vaughn Ettienne Wins 202s at 2011 Dexter Jackson Classic:

2nd place: Guy Cisternino

3rd place: Branden Ray

Jacksonville Pro Figure

First: Erin Stern

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Jay Cutler – 7 weeks out of 2011 Mr. Olympia

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2011 Dexter Jackson Classic & Jacksonville Pro

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This weekend the IFBB Pro League heads south for the Jacksonville Pro. 2008 Mr. Olympia Dexter Jackson has proven himself to be as good of a contest promoter as he is a bodybuilder. This contest has grown year by year and is always recognized as a favorite by the athletes. See below for more information and the complete list of competitors.

WHAT: 2011 IFBB Jacksonville Pro 202, Figure, & Bikini Championships

WHERE: Jacksonville, FL

WHEN: Friday & Saturday, August 5-6, 2011

TIME: IFBB Pre-Judging at 6pm on Friday / IFBB Finals at 6:00pm on Saturday


Some Advices to Lose Fat Faster.

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In dependence of individual metabolism human body are losing fat faster or slower. But there are some factors that may influence on this. In order if you are looking to lose some kg in short period of time you should take into account some advices.

Train on an empty stomach.

Many specialists consider that it is not a bad idea. Several studies show that as long as the human body does not receive calories during workout the probability to burn fat is higher. Muscles usually take their energy from carbohydrates, that is the reason why athletes like Lance Armstrong or Michael Phelps eat before workout. Without carbohydrates muscles will burn fat reserves. So you lose weight faster.
Note however that if you want to obtain performance you must eat before sport, as shows study released by the University of Birmingham.


Running helps a lot to keep body’s mobility. Aerobic exercises do more than any other exercise, if your goal is to lose weight. You can lose about 800 calories in an hour of running. But you should remember that after each workout you need to consume a low amount of carbohydrates to help muscles to recover. Just eat an apple or a small piece of chocolate after running, but not more. read more »

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