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First workout after a long rest

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The first workout is usually accompanied by emotional enthusiasm, optimism and maximum motivation. You are ready to overtake all missed.

But this is mistake often made by many athletes! In case you have never trained or have a forced break due to illness or other reason, the body had become weak. Intensive training will lead to muscles pain for about a week! Of course, one day you can go to train through the pain, but in this case from the first day your body will feel overstrained. Goldenmuscles.com is sure this thing provokes weakening of the immunity, bad mood, the general lack of energy. Why to make yourself worse?

Recommendations for the first workout at the gym

  1. Warm up on the cardio trainer longer than usual. 10-15 minutes is sufficient. During this time, you have to sweat a little.
  2. During one workout is sufficient to train the major muscle groups with minimal weights. Basic exercise is perfect one.
  3. You can start with the “top” and complete the “bottom” part of your body. Each exercise can be done only by 1-2 sets of 12-15 reps.
  4. Do not forget to drink water during training. 2-3 glasses of 200 ml is sufficient Drinking at a time is not necessary, it is better to drink it in a few sips.
  5. It is possible that you will be sweating heavily – this is normal!
  6. Once you feel weak (dizziness), it is a signal to slow down and finish the workout. Even if past just 20 minutes. By the way, for the first workout 20 minutes of exercise – this is normal! After a short workout you will quickly recover and the next day will be able to perform a more intensive workout.

Noemi Olah – FBB Bikini Pro & QNT Fitness Model Workout

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Train your chest with Jay Cutler at Goldenmuscles.com

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If you are looking for somebody who will inspire you to go to the gym – Goldenmuscles.com can say Jay Cutler is the perfect candidate. Jay Cutler is IFBB Professional that is well recognized all around the world with its perfect body shape.

In 1991, at eighteen years old Jay Cutler began training. His first workouts were designed just to look better.  But as much he trained as much he loved it and in short time his interest quickly led to competition. Jay Cutler debuted in 1992 at Gold Gym Worcester bodybuilding championships. His efforts bring him 2nd place in Men’s Division. One year later at NPC Iron Bodies Invitational he took his 1st place. This was the start of his bodybuilding career. From that time he has won the title Mr. Olympia four times and participates in many no less well known competitions.

His workout program becomes famous all around the world and many athletes convinced that the body shaping methods by Jay Cutler gave them the best results – Goldenmuscles.com convinced itself. read more »

Buy injectable, oral steroids for sale online

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As we just said Daddyroids offer steroids for sale directly from the manufacture; that is why they guaranty high efficient, 100% genuine and powerful products. Daddyroids Customer Service is always ready to help you in your choosing, for example injectable steroids or oral steroids, what products to take in your post cycle therapy or weight loss etc.  You will always receive a feedback and answer to your ticket. read more »

How to raise willpower?

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Do not focus on educating the mythic willpower! It is needed in other, more important situations of life, in sports, achieving goals, self improvement and in meditation.
Think about what you just have to do certain things and not do other activities. And it is a commonplace action, because you do not need to climb at Everest. Can’t believe that the banal action will bring results? Willpower is much weaker than your mind. Do not get hung up over the willpower. Realize that everything you do in the first place is for your health. Health – a more significant goal! It also implies the proper training, loads, recovery, DIET, and from there you get the desired result. But at the same time when you possess willpower you can tell your mind what to do and to insist on acting in a certain way.
The error of those losing weight is lack of patience. And if they had to sit in silence about 12 hours in one spot and wait for a beautiful figure, it could make 99 of 100 people. When it comes to the long waiting, many of them go out of the race. But to sit and wait in this case is not necessary! Just live a normal life, but it is regularly required to do simple actions and do not unneeded one. Goldenmuscles.com guaranty, over time, willpower in fact, become stronger, and as time goes on it becomes easier to cope with problem. read more »

Why do we need to take care of liver?

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Why do we need to take care of liver?

The liver performs a vital function in our body – filters out many toxins we consume daily. There is one more reason why we should take care of our liver. This helps burning and metabolizing fat in the body. The liver also produces bile that is necessary for digestion of fats and other substances.

Continuous contaminations of body with toxins provide an enormous strain on the liver and eventually it begins to function worst. So if you want to be wellness and achieve the desired results in fitness, it makes sense to keep your liver healthy so that it can function at 100%. Below we will discuss a few tips in order to help you in this matter.

Detoxification of the body and the Cytochrome P450
One of the functions of the liver is detoxification of the body. This enzymatic process, which eliminates unwanted chemicals, includes two phases.

The first phase begins with cytochrome P450. This is family of enzymes catalyzing the oxidation of organic compounds. Enzymes are distinguished mainly by the liver, but also occur in the adrenal glands and ovaries. In the first phase the cytochromes are trying to neutralize the toxins that then excrete the residual products reaction in the second phase detoxification. Toxins that have been neutralized and converted from the fat-soluble to water-soluble, are excreted through the kidneys. Substances which have been neutralized, but not converted, cannot be deduced in the first phase and move into the second. read more »

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