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Winner- 1st Place: Troy Alves- $10,000

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The specific training program for those over 40!

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This cycle is designed for those who are over forty and older. It includes hard training with two essential warm-up sets before each exercise.  It is assumed, that workout will be done every other day, and however the rest interval can be lengthening according to needs.

First day!

Exercise Sets Rep.
Lying Dumbbell extension 4 10-15
Dumbbell Flyes 4 10-15
Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns 6 10-15
Dumbbell Shoulder Press 3 10-15
Dumbbell Bench Press 3 10-15
Standing Dumbbell Curls 3 10-15
Weight Lifting exercise 3 10-15
Press-Down Tricep exercise 3 10-15
French Bench Press 3 10-15

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Age is not an obstacle!

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You are over forty, and you decide to engage in bodybuilding, especially if you have some sports experience in your youth. Then, you should know, after forty you have to train in a special way. So the way you have practiced workout at twenty or even five/ten years ago, it is impossible. Is the problem in age and must we slow down? No, it isn’t.

Remember the reason for which you trained in your youth! In most cases – to be liked by girls. Well, now you have other priorities – you need energy, efficiency and absolute health. Those who are not practicing sport, up to forty accumulate different kinds of chronic diseases, mostly caused by physical inactivity.  By the time you reach 40, you lose almost half of sex hormones. The level of bio-energy is reduced accordingly. What kind of working ability can be discussed! The best “medicine” will be – bodybuilding. But it must be applied skillfully. Trying to achieve higher strength would not be any more on first place. It is necessary a completely different approach.

Before you start training it is necessary to visit a doctor. It may happen that exercising exacerbate chronic symptoms.

What can you expect in the gym, if direct medical contraindications for the training you don’t have? Oddly enough, even at forty, you can set the highest goals. Nothing wrong with your muscles over the years has happened. If they reduced the strength and volume, it is only because of your low activity. The power and volume – can be acquired at any age. Theoretically, with age – muscle cells lose their contractile proteins structure; the one, that make cell voluminous and strong. However, these losses begin only after 60. Another thing that makes in years people to be afraid is reduction of joints mobility. Flexibility at 40, actually decreases, but the connective tissue of the joints at any age with varying degrees of difficulty can be stretched. The main thing is that the program should be composed correctly; stretching exercises should be done regular and conscientious. read more »

Evan Centopani, Fred Smalls, Guy Cisternino & Craig Richarson Guest Posing New Jersey States!

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Win VIP Tickets to the 2011 OLYMPIA!

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Hey Dudes – AWESOME  News!!!  This autumn will begin with greatest event for athletes/bodybuilders that will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada on September 15-18 – The 2011 Olympia Weekend. This event concurs with the 25th anniversary of NPC News magazine.  With this occasion Mr. Olympia, LLC, in conjunction with the National Physique Committee, is handing out two FREE VIP tickets to 2011 Olympia Weekend. To try your luck, click on the link below before September 9 to fill out the form: http://www.mrolympia.com/giveaway/

2011 Phoenix Pro Info

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2011 IFBB Phoenix Pro Men’s Bodybuilding

Troy Alves, USA
Omar Deckard, USA
Alfonso Del Rio, Spain
Oscar Dextar, Tahiti
Moe Elmoussawi, New Zealand
Marcus Haley, USA
Rod Ketchens, USA
Jeff Long, USA
Edward Nunn, USA
Benjamin Parra, Mexico
Grant Pieterse, New Zealand
Robert Piotrkowicz, Poland
Phil Von Kaenel, Switzerland
Hidetada Yamagishi, Japan

2011 IFBB Phoenix Pro Women’s Figure

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Make Your Shoulders Attractive

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Quick guide for beginners

When did you last time hear anyone saying: “Look at this guy deltoid muscle”? Let’s be honest, the shoulders have never been viewed as one of the “spectacular” muscle groups – this status for a long time ago has been reserved for breasts, biceps and abs. This confuses many beginner, not allowing them to pay due attention to the basic principles of effective training.  No bodybuilder is complete without a nice back (shoulders being an important part of them). To develop an effective program that can make your back V-shape, you must first pay attention to some rules, which are listed below. Taking them into consideration in accordance with the training process you will achieve great results

For beginning you must understand the anatomy of your shoulders. Remember, the driver must know by rote motor device, a gynecologist – you know what, as a bodybuilder – muscles. In this sense, the shoulder built up begins with an anatomical atlas. So, what do we see? The deltoid muscles consist of three parts: anterior, middle and posterior. The posterior is the biggest one. Each beam requires special exercises. But more attention you should pay to posterior one. Deltoids are located on one of the most difficult (and therefore fragile) joints of the body. That’s mean that to train them with extreme weights is not recommended. The anterior deltoid generally contributes to all pressing-type movements, including the front press or bench press. The middle deltoid is mainly worked during movements in which the weights are raised laterally, while the posterior deltoid is developed through exercises that allow the shoulder blades to be squeezed together. So, results will be achieved with sets of exercises for all the beams, with particular emphasis on the posterior one. read more »

2011 Europa Dallas Winners

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Toney Freeman Wins 2011 Europa Super Show – Dallas!

1. Toney Freeman
2. Edward Nunn
3. Shawn Rhoden
4. Mark Alvisi
5. Michael Liberatore

Guy Cisternino Wins 2011 Europa – Dallas 202s

1. Guy Cisternino
2. Fernando Noronha Almeida
3. Ricky “Tricky” Jackson

Figure Bikini
View Comparisons View Comparisons
1. Ava Cowan
2. Deena Walsh
3. Ella Horton
1. Natalie Pennington
2. Jessica Jessie
3. Sonia Gonzales
4. Dianna Dahlgren

2011 Dallas Europa Open-Prejudging Wrapup

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Europa Super Show – Pro Bikini

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Bikini Introductions

Bikini Comparisons

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