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Testosterone Phenylpropionate

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Testosterone phenylpropionate represent a short-acting ester characterized by both anabolic and androgenic proprieties. Its active life is 4-5 day although detection time is about 3 months.

Testosterone phenylpropionate is not so popular between bodybuilders/athletes as other testosterone ester because many think that it is not so efficient. Most sportsmen want quick results, but this drug need some patience. By using testosterone phenylpropionate correctly the results will be excellent. A positive characteristic that bodybuilders should know about this stuff is that side effects such water retention appears very seldom. Also by taking testosterone phenylpropionate athletes report increase of appetite, aggressiveness and strength. In general by using this kind of testosterone in right way the effects are similar to other testosterone ester but it doesn’t require very frequent injections, and doesn’t cause water retention.

Testosterone phenylpropionate stacks well with other compounds. In order to increase the density and the mass of muscles it is recommended to be combining with dieting and exercising. A good drug to be combined especially in cutting cycles is Nandrolone phenylpropionate. read more »

Kai Greene Wins the 2011 New York Pro! Video

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Full Results – Mens Open Class

1. Kai Greene
2. Ronny Rockel
3. Craig Richardson
4. Lionel Beyeke
5. Robert Burneika
6. Michael Kefalianos
7. Khalid Almohsinawi
8. Jason Huh
9. Roelly Winklaar
10. Brandon Curry
11. Cedric McMillan
12. Lou Joseph
13. Alexandre Nataf
14. David Watson
15. Grigori Atoyan
16. Milton Holloway, Jr.
16. Yans Salaks
Ben White
Pavol Jablonicky

2011 IFBB California State Pro Figure Championships

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IFBB Pro Figure Competitor List includes:

Michelle Battista-McDonald, USA
Krissy Chin, USA
Meriza DeGuzman-Ciccone, USA
Monica Escalante, USA
Valerie Gangi, USA
Rachel Gichert, USA
Aleisha Hart, Canada
Jacqueline Hoppe, USA
Sara Hurrle, USA
Anna Johnson, Sweden
Christina Mehling, Canada
Emily Nicholson, USA
Shalmiero Paper, United Kingdom
Kiana Phi, USA
Ann Pratt, USA
Natalia Revajova, Slovakia
Felicia Romero, USA
Susan Salazar, USA
Kimberly Sheppard, USA
Monica Specking, USA
Jill St. Laurent, Canada
Sabrina Taylor, USA
Natalie Waples, Canada

General Information:

Event Location: Veteran’s Memorial Auditorium
4117 Overland Avenue
Culver City, California 90230 read more »

New Kai Greene Pic

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Testosterone Cypionate

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Testosterone cypionate represent an injectable steroid which contains testosterone with the cypionate ester attached to the testosterone molecule. This drug is the longest-estered testosterone available today, its real life in the human body is about 15 to 16 days. It is considered to be one of the most popular and effective testosterone products.

Testosterone is widely used in bodybuilding, no matter what are the bodybuilders/athletes goals. Testosterone is a highly anabolic and androgenic steroid. As most injectable steroid by taking Testosterone cypionate bodybuilders/athletes can expect effective muscle gain and strength. Testosterone cypionate is not the best choose in cutting cycles.

Testosterone cypionate has the characteristics to convert to both estrogen and dihydrotestosterone. This proprieties result in such side effects as gyno and water retention.

Testosterone cypionate is often compared with testosterone enanthate, the difference as many think that cypionate is powerful. Actually the truth is that these steroids are almost identical. read more »

Evan Centopani Trains With Dorian Yates

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2011 IFBB Shreveport Louisiana Pro Results

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2011 IFBB Optimum Classic Shreveport Louisiana Pro Bikini Results –
1. Barbara Bolotte
2. Jenny Drennan
3. Vanessa Prebyl
4. Christie Marquez
5. Abbie Burrows
6. Kelly Gonzalez
7. Kristy Robbins
8. Kira Rivera
9. Zara Pineda-Boorder
10. Veronica Boyd
11. Diana Fields
12. Safiya Johnson
13. Khanh Nguyen
14. Christy Merritt
15. Nicole Coleman
16. Janet Harding
17. Christina Vargas
18. Brandy Leaver

2011 IFBB Optimum Classic Shreveport Louisiana Figure Results –
1. Candice Keene read more »

Testosterone Blend

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Testosterone blend represent a stack of esters of different lengths in the same cycle, such as testosterone with the propionate – short ester attached and testosterone with the enanthate – long ester attached.
This combination of testosterone is characterized with strong androgenic and anabolic proprieties. This fact make it very popular in bodybuilding as a efficient supplement in gaining strength and mass.
Testosterone blend enable sportmen to inject at moderately frequent intervals and produce stable testosterone levels within the body for a long period. The propionate ester allows test blend to display a rapid elevation of blood plasma levels of testosterone. The enanthate ester, which releases at a slower rate, prolongs the blood plasma levels of testosterone.
Testosterone blends stack well with practically any oral or any injectable and can make for a very good base for mass building cycles. Thus mean that in most cases Testosterone blend is taken as a bulking drug.
The dosages that is usually chosen by bodybuilders range from 250 mg to 2 g/week.
Testosterone Blend is produced by many reputable pharmaceutical companies such as Geneza Pharmaceuticals (GP Sust 270), Sciroxx (Pentadex 300), Balkan Pharmaceuticals(Sustamed) Axiolabs (Sustaplex 325),  Organon (Sustanon 250), British Dragon (Sustabol), Gen-Shi Laboratories (Susta).

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Mr. America Contest Returns on 5/21 in NYC

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Bodybuilding and the title of Mr. America go hand in hand. Dating all the way back to 1940 (the first year that the actual title was used, contest held since 1938), the Amateur Athletic Union held the annual competition that was the pinnacle of bodybuilding. The list of winners reads like a ‘who’s who’ of the early days of the sport. John Grimek, Clarence Ross, Steve Reeves and George Eiferman all took home first place during that initial decade.

As the years went on, the likes of Bill Pearl, Dennis Tinerino, Boyer Coe, Chris Dickerson, Casey Viator, Steve Michalik, Jim Morris, Tony Pearson, Ray Mentzer and Tim Belknap all were honored with victories. The last winner was Tracey Dorsey in 1999.

Now it is once again part of the bodybuilding schedule as an all-natural show sanctioned by the INBF. The man responsible for doing all of this is none other than Bob Bonham of Strong and Shapely Gym in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Bonham has penned numerous articles for the various bodybuilding publications over the years and is well known throughout the industry. read more »

“Adela Garcia: From Tragedy To Triumph”

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Adela Garcia: From Tragedy to Triumph from Mike Pulcinella Video on Vimeo.

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