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Olympia Athletes on ESPN2 SportsNation on 08-25-10

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Heath, Greene, Jackson and more on ESPN2 on Wednesday

WHAT: 2010 Mr. Olympia’s elite on ESPN2′s SportsNation
WHEN: Wednesday, August 25, 2010 at 4 p.m. EST
WHO: Dexter Jackson, Kai Greene, Phil Heath, Hidetada Yamagishi and Dennis Wolf

With the 2010 Mr. Olympia, the biggest bodybuilding spectacular on the planet, speeding toward us at warped speed, “The Worldwide Leader in Sports” has taken notice.

On Wednesday at 4 p.m. EST, ESPN2′s SportsNation will showcase the IFBB Pro League’s elite — Phil Heath, Dexter Jackson, Kai Greene, Hidetada Yamagishi and Dennis Wolf — as they discuss NFL football and, of course, the 2010 Mr. Olympia on September 24-25. It’s an incredible opportunity for the sport of bodybuilding to reach a broader audience while offering a handful of the finest pros in the game a well-deserved spotlight on national TV. read more »

Male Menopause Affects More Than Five Million Men

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ScienceDaily – While most frequently associated with women’s health, age-related hormone changes, often dubbed menopause, can occur in men as well, causing symptoms of fatigue, mood swings, decreased desire for sex, hair loss, lack of concentration and weight gain. Experts estimate that more than 5 million men are affected, yet worry the number may be considerably higher since symptoms are frequently ignored.

Male hypogonadism, as it’s referred to in the medical community, occurs when the testicles do not produce enough testosterone, the hormone that plays a key role in masculine growth and development. When hormone levels drop, men can experience significant mental and physical changes.

“This is a highly prevalent disorder,” said Robert Brannigan, MD, urologist at Northwestern Memorial Hospital. “Unfortunately, we estimate that 95 percent of cases are undiagnosed and therefore untreated. When ignored, symptoms can seriously disrupt one’s quality of life.” read more »

More Arrests in PA Steroid Ring Bust

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HARRISBURG, Pa. –  2010 (WPVI) — “Operation Roid Runner” started in 2009 and Pa. officials are announcing more arrests today.

Narcotics agents from the Attorney General’s Office have filed criminal charges against six suspects connected to the use and distribution of steroids in the Chester, Lehigh, Montgomery and Northampton County areas. These charges are a result of the second phase of an ongoing steroid manufacturing and trafficking investigation, known as Operation Roid Runner. The first phase of the investigation, dubbed “Operation Roid Runner” when it was first announced in November, focused on a group allegedly responsible for bringing more than $170,000 worth of steroids from China and Mexico into Pennsylvania. Ten people were arrested in connection with “Operation Roid Runner” in November.

“Following those initial arrests, our agents continued to develop the evidence to identify more individuals who were allegedly obtaining steroids and distributing them to others for resale and personal use,” Corbett said. A grand jury heard testimony and saw evidence, leading to today’s charges. read more »

Tarek Elsetouhi on chest basics

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Egypt’s Tarek Elsetouhi talks about his old school chest workouts.

If you want to bet on where Tarek Elsetouhi will place in a pro contest, pick the number six. Of his 10 IFBB Pro League shows since winning the 2008 Arnold Amateur, the Egyptian Elsetouhi has placed sixth in four of them, thus missing the posedown by one placing. Adding that fact with his one pro posedown (5th at the 2008 Europa Super Show), and it merely demonstrates how close he is to fulfilling his potential and contending for titles. Elsetouhi has aesthetically pleasing proportions, and one of his strengths is his chest, built with a classic routine, heavy on barbell and dumbbell basics (for as few as six reps) and void of modern machines.


* “I saw the routine that Arnold was using, and his chest was amazing. So I do basically the same thing. I don’t think you can improve on what he did.”

* “I do two warmup sets of 15 reps before my first set of inclines.”

* “I like to start with inclines because it’s important to get that high area near your neck.” read more »

2010 WSB now a 2 day showdown!

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Stan Efferding and Ben White are set to clash at the 2010 World’s Strongest Bodybuilder

The stage has been set for an epic showdown between Stan “Rhino” Efferding and Ben “Showstopper” White to see which powerhouse will earn the right to call themselves the undisputed 2010 Olympia’s World’s Strongest Bodybuilder! The heated rivalry between these two heavy-hitting plate pushers will come to a thrilling conclusion over a two-day span at Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas where they’ll compete in the ultimate one-on-one clash of the titans.

Friday, September 24, will showcase the bench press, and Saturday, September 25, will feature the deadlift. The concept is simple: Whoever lifts the most weight in each respective lift, wins. With $10,000 on the line for the highest combined total, expect both combatants in the WSB to pull out all the stops and make it one of the most talked about events at Olympia Weekend! read more »

Kai Greene: 5 weeks out

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We’re exactly 5 weeks out from the 2010 Olympia, and things are heating up in Brooklyn, New York.

When FLEX traveled to check in with Kai Greene earlier this week we took a series of posing shots of the two-time Arnold Classic champ. These pictures were taken on Monday, August 16. In them, Greene is weighing roughly 295 pounds.

For those who doubt that number … Check out the picture below, taken on Sunday August 15 at Bev Francis’ Powerhouse Gym.

Greene will be guest posing tomorrow at the Coastal USA Bodybuilding, Figure and Bikini Championships in Duluth, Georgia read more »

Josh Bergeron – Legs & Biceps

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Age: 30 ( 2/28/80)
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 220 pounds (contest) 250 pounds (offseason)
Profession: Environmental Specialist
Years training: Weight training for 16 years, last 7 intense
Date of entry: 7/25/2010
Written by Josh Bergeron

I train an average of 5-6 times per week

I spend an average of 1-1 1/2 hours time training per workout:

My favorite body part to train: Guess its chest or arms I like both equally.

The body part I hate training: Guess it would have to be shoulders, they get so pumped its almost painful.

The toughest part of today’s workout was: While getting ready for a show, having the endurance to push hard throughout entire workout on low carbs was very tough.

The goal of today’s workout: Flex and squeeze the body parts being trained.

It was a Sunday afternoon and I had just competed in a bodybuilding show the day before, but there is no rest for the dedicated. I had the USA’s coming up next weekend so I needed to train and focus. When working which ever body part I’m on, the key for me is concentration and control. It’s not the amount of weight you can throw around it’s how you control the weight in your hand/legs. I started my leg routine with laying hamstring curls… read more »

Muscle memory exists?

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Anyone who has lifted weights, on and off, for several years is familiar with the concept of “muscle memory”. Muscle memory in this context refers to the observation that when a person begins lifting weights after a prolonged lay off, it is much easier to return to their previous levels of size and strength than it was to get there the first time around. Even when significant atrophy (muscle shrinking) has taken place during the layoff, previously hypertrophied muscle returns to its previous size more quickly than usual.

A recent study looking at fiber type conversions during muscle hypertrophy may have uncovered a possible mechanism for this phenomenon. For those of you not crazy about scientific lingo bear with me. Towards the end you will see what I’m getting at with this study. In this study the distribution of myosin heavy chain (MHC) isoforms, fiber type composition, and fiber size of the vastus lateralis muscle were analyzed in a group of adult sedentary men before and after 3 months of resistance training and then again, after 3 months of detraining. read more »

Steroid Scandal: Tony Freeman, Quincy Taylor, Dennis Newman, and Troy Zuccolotto involved?

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What do pro bodybuilders Tony Freeman (upper left), Quincy Taylor, Dennis Newman, and bodybuilding legend Troy Zuccolotto (photo below) all have in common? Well they’re unfortunately all involved in a steroid distribution scandal that’s sweeping the news lately. The 4 bodybuilding stars along with UFC fighter Shane Carwin, former WWE superstar Kurt Angle, former WWE superstar ”Hardcore” Bob Holly are tangled into a conspiracy that’s not going to go away anytime soon.

The Case

A federal judge has now handed down a 4-year prison term to a local pharmacist convicted of participating in a nationwide conspiracy to illegally sell steroids. J. Michael Bennett, who was supervising pharmacist at Applied Pharmacy Services, was the first to be sentenced from a group of 5 men found guilty after a five-week trial earlier this year. J. Michael read more »

Muscles Remember Past Glory

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That memory is stored as DNA-containing nuclei, which proliferate when a muscle is exercised. Contrary to previous thinking, those nuclei aren’t lost when muscles atrophy, researchers report online August 16 in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. The extra nuclei form a type of muscle memory that allows the muscle to bounce back quickly when retrained.

The findings suggest that exercise early in life could help fend off frailness in the elderly, and also raise questions about how long doping athletes should be banned from competition, says study leader Kristian Gundersen, a physiologist at the University of Oslo in Norway.

Muscle cells are huge, Gundersen says. And because the cells are so big, more than one nucleus is needed to supply the DNA templates for making large amounts of the proteins that give muscle its strength. Previous research has demonstrated that with exercise, muscle cells get even bigger by merging with stem cells called satellite cells, which are nestled between muscle fiber cells. Researchers had previously thought that when muscles atrophy, the extra nuclei are killed by a cell death program called apoptosis. read more »

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